Gökçağ Textile, which dyes the fabric with a daily capacity of 45 tons, offers a short deadline with its machines that dye each lot, varying from 100 kg to 1200 kg, at once with its renewed machine park that can dye with environmentally friendly low water usage and its fully automatic machines and our systems that reduce the errors that may occur in our process. All dyeing machines have a fully automatic monitorability feature. Dyes and chemicals to be used in line with the recipe in dyeing machines are weighed and dosed in the automation system. The dyeing processes are carried out according to the painting process by making the necessary control according to the relevant procedure and the process is kept under control. Information on which machine and at what stage the production can be monitored through recipe monitoring software. In this way, we ensure sustainable and monitorable production. We offer high efficiency of trending colors, ecological and high color yield with our dyes in our fabrics with our expert staff.