Our Policies

Occupational Safety Policy

Based on the "Employee health first, occupational safety first" motto we adopt as Gökçağ Kumaşçılık Industry and Trade Inc, we are committed to the following;

  • We will operate in line with all applicable health and safety legislation, and we will not deviate from this principle in all our activities,
  • We will always be ready for organizations and actions to train and raise awareness to ensure the health and safety of all our employees,
  • We will take the necessary preventive measures to eliminate or minimize the dangers that may arise during our operation within the framework of our objectives and legal regulations, and ensure their sustainability,
  • We will prove the sensitivity of Gökçağ Kumaşçılık Industry and Trade Inc for Occupational Health and Safety in front of the official authorities,
  • We will regularly audit our operations with appropriate methods to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases,
  • We will ensure that all our employees, suppliers, and visitors comply with the Occupational Health and Safety rules,
  • We will follow the technological developments in Occupational Health and Safety and direct our investments accordingly,
  • We will ensure the participation of our employees and suppliers in all our processes,
  • We will continue our work to provide a healthy working environment in our organization.

Energy Policy

We are committed to continuously improving the Energy Management System and Energy Performance by using energy effectively in all our production stages.

The following issues have been committed in line with the energy use, consumption structure, and scale to fulfill this commitment;

  • We will ensure the availability of information and necessary resources to achieve energy goals and targets.
  • We will take necessary actions quickly by following all applicable legal regulations and other conditions regarding energy use, efficiency, and consumption.
  • We will provide necessary training and information to raise awareness of efficiency in our employees to reduce losses and leakages and ensure energy efficiency.
  • We will provide the necessary support for the purchase of energy-efficient products and services that may affect energy performance.
  • We will support operations that will increase the energy performance of in-plant equipment, system, and process designs regarding energy use, efficiency, and consumption.
  • We will follow the energy policy, review it continuously and update it when necessary to ensure the continuity of the created system.

Environmental Policy

Gökçağ Kumaşçılık Industry and Trade Inc adopted the philosophy of being in harmony with the environment within the scope of all its activities and has adopted the following as its ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY;

  • We will fulfill legal obligations under all environmental legislation,
  • We will use raw materials and energy resources efficiently for the protection of natural resources,
  • We will ensure to reduce the wastes as much as possible so that they can be recovered and disposed of without harming the environment by determining our environmental impacts in all our activities,
  • We will make technological improvements to prevent and control environmental pollution by following technological developments,
  • We will provide continuous training to our employees to create environmental awareness and responsibility, ensure that they are understood and easily accessed by everyone,
  • We will work to increase environmental performance by cooperating with customers, suppliers, and official institutions and organizations.