About Us

About Us   

Gökçağ Textile was established by Chemical Engineer Yaşar Çalışkan in 2000. Our company started its operations as a textile dyehouse and today, with its vision and operations, it serves as an integrated facility that offers fiber yarn, weaving, dyeing, and printing operations. Yaşar Çalışkan increased the variety of fabrics with the investments made to grow to develop and improve the successes the company has achieved in the industry. He also made Gökçağ Textile one of the leading institutions of our country by achieving the highest quality values in viscose fabric.

Our company began its operations in the textile industry in 2000 with 10 tons of bleachery per day with its 25.000m2 indoor production facility and in 2017, in line with the increasing demands, we have established the second production facility with 35.000m2 indoor area to increase production diversity and capacity. Today, Gökçağ Textile serves as an integrated facility that offers 50 tons of weaving, 45 tons of dyeing, 30 tons of digital and rotary printing per day with the machinery and high-quality awareness it has developed over the years. Our company is one of the competitive brands in terms of price and sustainability with its most recent machinery, experience, and raw material quality, which has also become a sought-after and demanded brand due to these advantages. Gökçağ Textile managed to be a pioneer in the sector with the advantages it offers in viscose fabric and has increased its diversity with many different fabric types it offers with its production line. Gökçağ Textile has always given priority to customer satisfaction both in production and in the quality of the services by adopting a customer-oriented marketing strategy since its foundation. It has become an integrated facility by adding a digital and rotational production line with its investments. As a result of its experience, we have developed an export strategy by benefiting from our reputable and respected position in the domestic market in the international market, which we pay an effort to promote our organization and contribute to the promotion of our country in the textile sector. Gökçağ Textile continues to serve the sector and the country's industry by collaborating with the world's leading clothing brands with its quality principles.


Our mission is prioritizing customer satisfaction, product quality, and environmentally friendly principles while producing sustainable products, ensuring the continuation of our existing product and quality level, and offering on-time services.


Our vision is to be a fully integrated producer that focuses on the creation of fundamental values for society.

We are going to constantly strive to provide better goods and services that provide benefits for our customers and the world without giving up on our active investment idea, commitment to our entrepreneurial spirit, and self-sacrificing approach.

Core Values   

Our core values include working as a team in line with our ethical standards and policies to ensure the most effective functioning of all our processes, be one of the pioneers in quality products worldwide and contribute to our country's economy, make the world more livable for us and our loved ones, create systems that will allow our employees to develop and assess themselves, be aware of the value of information and ensure easy and effective sharing of the information reliability within the company, ensure data security against external forces, improve customer satisfaction to accelerate the horizontal workflows between departments and to reach our objectives, spread continuous improvement, which is a part of Gökçağ culture, within Gökçağ, convey and adopt the Quality Policy to all company employees, develop and maintain the cooperation with our suppliers to ensure the improvement of our product and service purchasing quality, ensure the conformity of the Quality Management System within the framework of the quality policy and to continuously improve its effectiveness.