Today, our thread production, which we started as 5 tons per day, with our machine park reached a total capacity of 50 tons per day as 25 tons per day at Gökçağ Textile 1 facility and 25 tons per day Gökçağ Textile 2 facility with the increasing demands and the advantages of thread produced from viscose-based fibers. Supplied viscose fibers are processed in blow room preparation and spinning machines, which are the latest technology products so that high-quality viscose threads are produced. In the blow room preparation group, which is the beginning and basis of thread production, our thread reaches the best possible quality values with perfectly processed fibers in Truschler brand dredging machines and draw-frame machines. Gökçağ Textile offers the advantages of the thread properties produced from viscose-based fibers with high sustainability, which is regenerated cellulose produced by it and undergoes less water and chemical processes than other fibers and the high quality gained in expert hands to its customers. The variety of thread produced has been increased with Murata brand, Vortex and Open-end spinning machines in the thread department, and Rieter Compact Ring machines in the newly established facility. Mixing lines installed in Gökçağ Textile 2 have increased the variety of fantasy products by allowing the production of cotton, viscose, polyester, and colored fiber blends. Vortex spinning is a cool technology used for spinning and threads formed by mechanical twisting Open-end machines allow a wide variety of functionality to the thread with its unique structure such as less breakage in threads, better look, high resistance to pilling and abrasion, high moisture absorption, less shrinkage, and high washing resistance, and knitted with various materials such as cotton regenerated strand synthetic strand. Fabrics made with viscose thread are used in sports activities and offer comfort on humid summer nights and other times. In production, viscose has a smoother surface, less fluff, and dust, and its production capacity is high compared to cotton. Viscose fabrics have a very soft touch. It is compatible with the skin with its slippery texture. This makes them practical. Viscose fiber turns into high-quality, first-class fabrics in line with the quality expectations of our customers and with the quality principle of Gökçağ Textile.

Thread Production

Recycle Polyester
GRS-RCS Certified Fibers
GOTS-OCS Certified Fibers

Gökçağ Textile can produce threads with different structures with three different spinning systems including Ring, Vortex, and Open-end by mixing 100% or desired ratio of ecru and colored fibers.

Threads produced in Gökçağ Textile 1 and 2:

Ring Thread
Combed and carded cotton, Viscon, Cotton-Viscon blends, Cotton-polyester, Viscon-Polyester blended threads as ecru and color between Ne=16-60
Vortex Thread
Viscose and blends, Cotton and blends, Polyester and blends as ecru and color between Ne=16-50
Open-end Thread
Viscose and blends, Cotton and blends as ecru and color between Ne=8-40