ZDHC, which gathers brands, manufacturers, and suppliers of dye and chemicals under the same roof in the textile, leather, and shoe industry, simplifies the supply chain by directing the entire industry towards zero harmful waste by 2020 and making best practices in manufacturing the industry norm. Leading brands and manufacturers of dye chemicals share these practices transparently by establishing strong collaborations to minimize the effects of harmful chemicals on the environment and human health. It serves the development of the supply chain by making improvements with "Input - Process - Output" controls. Gökçağ Textile, which continues its operations with the principle of continuous improvement to minimize the effects on the environment and human health, joined the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero (Zero Waste of Hazardous Chemicals - Common Roadmap) as of July 2020 to continue to support the sustainability of the sector with its stakeholders on a global scale. Thus, all dyestuffs and chemicals used have been tested in this standard and have included the best category chemicals in its production to fulfill the program's commitment to sustainable production and published as part of the program with the principle of transparency.

Higg Index

The Higg Index (Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)) is the platform, which many Global clothing brands are also members of and the entire supply chain can see sustainability commitments, to ensure environmental and social sustainability. As Gökçağ Textile, we fulfill our commitment to environmental and social sustainability with all our stakeholders and share annual reports on the platform by increasing our environmental and social performance.

Ecoliva ve Ecovero

Ecoliva is an enriched cellulosic cellulose thread developed by India-based Birla Thread Company and known as Livaeco and Ecoliva modal and developed by Lenzing company known as Ecovero. These fiber products are produced from sustainably certified forests, and they minimize the damage to the ecological balance by being traceable from garment to raw material. Both fashionable stylish clothes and conscious consumption are achieved with the use of these labeled products. As Gökçağ Textile, we contribute to sustainability by keeping this fiber variety in our products and producing fabrics from these fibers.

VAP (Verimlilik Artırıcı Proje)

Enerji tasarrufu için daha verimli kompresörlerin kullanımı ile ilgili yatırımımız projelendirilerek Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Sanayi ve Teknoloji Bakanlığı tarafından Verimlilik Artırıcı Proje olarak onaylanmıştır.


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